Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evening Dews .....Reflection of Time

Well, evening drizzles are often in Malacca this time around. And I'm sitting here by my bed-side typing my recollection for the week. Today was my mid-term again (mergers & acquisitions). Its been a week of tense-filled hours for me; an awesome part of my time is on the computer, scouring through tons of online journals and spending late-nights revising my mid-terms. I'd to cut down on my FB activities, lol. Luckily, today's the last of my midterms (so glad....finally can start cracking on my long-delayed FYP). Hopefully, I can finish all 3 tasks before end of next week. Impossible feat? I myself don't know yet, haha.
The evening drizzles cool down the air around. So, its been a blessing in disguise despite the wet situations (almost daily alredy). Today also conducted a fruitful meeting. It was so detailed that my group members and me spend 1.5 hours juz on it. Hope it bears good fruits later on. Rite, its time to end this post here. Cya.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Times of Rush, Hustle & Wonders

Its that time again when I will be having mid-terms soon. The nearest is 2 days away and imagine that I am still here jotting away (actually taking some time of my mind...haha). Well, its already 3rd week in my new trimester. No doubt its been a little 'trying' in my efforts to re-adapt to uni life once more after Industrial Training. Coupled with 2 assignments and a taxing FYP (wished I listened to my supervisor when he told me to finish it early), times had been dedicated to them without a balanced schedule of work and play. Much has changed in the personality of those around me. It could be seemed that many had already become more 'serious' and not as jovial as before the training. Perhaps the 4-months-plus stint made a huge impact on all of us (food-for-thought). Classes are on as usual, though at times can be rather 'dry'. Nonetheless, it seems everyone is paying a great deal of effort to listen to those lectures (Delta year students perhap ?). Assignments can be rather 'conflicting' at times due to differences in ideas but I guessed that what doing assignments all about. Apart from that, it sure is nice to mingle around friends and finding the opportunity to share our stories with each other .... rite, best of luck to my friends in the Mid-Terms ...

Monday, October 26, 2009

A continued journey ....

Well, it's my first day to uni again to study after some 5 months ....(sure is weird.... i was akward to be finally studying again after so long= reminiscence during the time before i went to form6).
It was a nice feeling however, to meet my friends and colleagues after some time. I was amazed also at my supervisor for being so facilitative towards my FYP (thank you). Today's class on credit management breathed a new inspiration to me. It was surprising that within such short lecture notes, were so many underlying details just waiting to be explained. Formed my new team today for that subject (work hard everyone). Just can't wait to get started on my much delayed works.

p/s : haha ... I recommend some good dramas to watch ...Terms of Endearment & Goodbye Solo.

Ok ...gotta finish off my pasta first ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Final Day Work : An Industrial Training Epilogue

To begin with, its my last day at work yesterday. The atmosphere around me there was calm although I could feel that my collegues were secretly whispering amongst themselves (well, I've got a good feeling what they were whispering about). Much earlier on, my employer (the kindest one I've ever worked with) treated us to a decent lunch. Credit to him for being thoughtful.
My final days at work were amazing. I've been doing recording of at least 1500 transactions in about 7 hours or so. (Haha) It was a great rush but I seemed to have been 'immuned' to it. All of that begun on Monday; I was rushing to complete the task entrusted to me before I leave the premise. I took extra attention to that; hence my headache. The about-to-leave feeling was hard on me, as I've begun to adapt to my office life. Flashback 4-months ago, I went to work because it was a pre-requisite to pass my papers. But, later on I begun to accept this practice as something I would usually do (that's my best explanation).
Yesterday morning, I was busy taking pictures with colleagues and supervisor. Too bad my employer was away (sigh). But it didn't matter as the rest were very keen to be photographed with me (thx thx). My supervisor took sometime off to have some chit-chatting with me (recollecting what I've learned thus far). I enjoyed that conversation; only regret that it was so short. As I packed up my stuffs to return home, my colleagues gave me some good advices and wishes (packed together with a box of delightful mooncake-like cookies). I am grateful for their gesture. My best part of the story was my employer rewarded me with some extra incentives and a certificate of employee recommendation. I didn't thought that I would received that. Hence on, I went on home with an emotional-charged feeling. It was a wonderful experience. I was glad that I've chosen this place to work. Thanks to everyone who supported me through it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Thoughts

Been to write for sometime & finally have the chance to do so. Well, there's nothing much going on, just my industrial training & my nightlife on FB. My colleagues and friends have been putting on a 'countdown' for our industrial training tenure. Honestly, I myself am also looking forward to it as well. Of late, my daily lunches have been the typical fare. If today I had chicken rice, tomorrow I'll have mee and noodles the next next day. I guessed its okay for me to say that I have 'depleted' the menu of food near my working premise. Haha.

p/s : looking forward to see G-Force soon ....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Akward Moments @ Work

(Hahaha....I was still feeling akward when I wrote this) Well, as usual, I went to work today (my industrial training to be exact). But the weirdest thing was that all of the sudden, the button to my Blue Denim pants gave way (opppsss). Having experienced that, I was reluctant (restricted actually) to move around much. Imagine how careful I was walking around (haha). But, I was grateful it was a good pant. Anyway, apart from that, I was also very lucky as although I did some mistakes at work, my supervisor was not a bit angry with me, but further showed the technical processes of doing it right. I was impressed by that, really. And what made me even happier was that my boss was friendly to me. One word to this. Impress. Perhaps, its things like this that cheers ppl up. Great Tuesday.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy B'day Mom

Yeah's another Sunday nite but tonite was a momentous nite as my brothers and I treated our mom to a lovely fare of dishes for her upcoming b'day . We decided to do it at Bei Zhan as it was a classic background for such an occasion. Indeed, we enjoyed ourselves to the food there (haha.... i loved the fish was perfectly boiled to perfection). I won't delved into much detail about d food ( haha ... ). In short, we had a swell time .....once again, happy b'day mom...