Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Evening Dews .....Reflection of Time

Well, evening drizzles are often in Malacca this time around. And I'm sitting here by my bed-side typing my recollection for the week. Today was my mid-term again (mergers & acquisitions). Its been a week of tense-filled hours for me; an awesome part of my time is on the computer, scouring through tons of online journals and spending late-nights revising my mid-terms. I'd to cut down on my FB activities, lol. Luckily, today's the last of my midterms (so glad....finally can start cracking on my long-delayed FYP). Hopefully, I can finish all 3 tasks before end of next week. Impossible feat? I myself don't know yet, haha.
The evening drizzles cool down the air around. So, its been a blessing in disguise despite the wet situations (almost daily alredy). Today also conducted a fruitful meeting. It was so detailed that my group members and me spend 1.5 hours juz on it. Hope it bears good fruits later on. Rite, its time to end this post here. Cya.

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  1. kodok oh kodok..u lah yg panggil hujan.hahhahahha